Weaving storytelling and folklore together with harp and song.

Welcome, merry meet and blessed be!

Myriad paths beckon you to the Otherworld, illuminated by faerie bard lanterns, in the depths of the enchanted forest where the soul fires still burn brightly.

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Welcome, merry meet and blessed be!

Upon your journey across the cyber seas, you have come to rest at the edge of these wild ancient woods. Silver waves lap on the white sand beach, bathed in the milky light of a full moon; she hangs so low in the sky you could almost touch her.

Starfish sparkle like rubies and emeralds, and somewhere far away the call of a conch shell haunts the night air. A warm breeze carries the scent of frangipani, whose white blossoms form an entrance, inviting you into the tall, dark forest. Within lies enchantment, nourishment and healing, ancient tales, living folklore, deep insight, wise guidance, and riches for the soul.

The home fires still burn brightly in the depths of the wilderness. Myriad paths beckon, otherworldly beings entice you to follow, and the faerie bard lights lanterns to illuminate your path…

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